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Direct card printer

Superior performance for highly
secure id card applications

XID Retransfer

Dedicated laser systems developed for
secure id card applications

LCP Laser Line

Advanced solutions for a professional and
qualitative e-passport issuance

Passport Line

Reliable solutions for a variety of metal plate
embossing needs

Metal Plate
Embosser Line

Premium desktop embossing for financial
card issuance

Z3e System

Prepackeged desktop systems for instant
issuance of payment cards

S3000 Line

Ideal systems for simple, dependable card

S5000 Line

Preconfigured systems for dedicated
card issuance programs

S6000 Line

The complete solution
for card personalization
and fulfillment applications

S7000 Line

Preconfigured systems for dedicated
card issuance programs

Mailer Line

In the news

Change to the Board of Directors

Fabrizio Armone will leave the company on February 28th, 2014

Stuttgart/Germany, February 21, 2014 (A0JELZ) – Matica Technologies AG (MT), a leading international ID solutions provider, announces a change to its board of directors: Fabrizio Armone will step down as CFO and leave the company with effect from the end of the current month of February to pursue a different career. more…

Products news

New Matica® desktop product line of ID card printers

Milan, Italy, 13th November, 2013

Matica Technologies, headquartered in Esslingen, Germany, has announced today the release of The Espresso, the new Matica® desktop product line of ID card printers. Being a leading company in the market, Matica® considers innovation as a key element to keep a competitive edge. more…